Apr, 09 2018

Meet SSP’s Packaging Team

Meet SSP’s Packaging Team

Specialty Silicone Products (SSP) manufactures septa, caps, and other laboratory products that require clean silicones. SSP’s Packaging Team prepares shipments of these products and combines a strong work ethic with close attention to detail. As Kevin Meadows, SSP’s Lab Products Production Manager explains, “there are a lot of things to like about working at SSP”. The Packaging Team is responsible for accurate counts, he says, but “you’re not just a number here”.

Recently, Kevin celebrated his seventh anniversary with Specialty Silicone Products. He started as a thin-films operator, worked on the bonding and friction teams, learned to run the mills, and become a second shift supervisor before receiving training in silicone greases and injection molding. About 4.5 years ago, he was promoted to Lab Products Production Manager, a role he continues to enjoy. “They care about people here,” Kevin says. “It’s the best atmosphere I’ve ever worked in”.

In his current role, Kevin oversees five different teams. The Packaging Team is led by Tim Koon, a former operator and quality technician who’s been with the company since SSP had one shift and a single automated machine. Today, Tim manages several operators and coordinates all shipments of lab products. He also designs new labels and packaging while handling requests to expedite shipments.

Tim’s team includes Ken Baczkowski, who’s responsible for packaging orders and verifying that quantities are correct. “Ken does a whole lot more than that”, Kevin says. In addition to checking all the information on labels and bags, Ken moves products to the shipping department. Ken has worked for SSP for about four years and is part of a growing team that includes several machine operators.

Ed Simon, an automated packaging machine operator who works first-shift, is what Kevin Meadows calls “an absolute workhorse”. Like Kevin, Ed used to work in bonding, friction, and the mill room. Today, Ed runs the auto-baggers with speed and skill. Throughput is important, of course, but Ed also ensures that the counts and labels are correct so that customers get what they need.

Ray Brewer also works first-shift as an automated packaging machine operator. He started his SSP career as a temp and became a full-time employee a few months ago. Kayliegh Catlin, an automated packaging operator who works second-shift, currently works as a temp but is eligible for hire soon. For SSP’s Packaging Team, the company’s continued growth is keeping everyone busy.