May, 15 2018

SSP Launches New SeptaSource Website

SSP Launches New SeptaSource Website

Specialty Silicone Products (SSP) has launched a new website for the laboratory diagnostic, environmental testing, pharmaceutical, and chemical packaging industries. is the place to find clean septa, septum caps, and cap mats for analytical purity. In addition to standard products, this on-line resource features an easy-to-use Custom Septa Selector.

SSP’s new site also includes a blog and other technical content that highlight why not all septa is created equal. For example, the blog contains posts about platinum-cured silicones vs. peroxide-cured silicones and how ultra-low bled silicones prevent ghost peaks on chromatographs. The Capabilities page explains how SSP uses low-bleed silicones and high-quality PTFE films.

Standard and Custom Products

Visitors to the new website will find information about the following types of products:

In addition to standard septa, custom septa are available for just about any application that requires analytical purity. The Custom Septa Selector lets you specify parameters such as septa diameter, PTFE color and thickness, silicone color and thickness, durometer (Shore A), cap type, slit type, and whether you need low-bleed or ultra-low bleed silicone.

Technical Content and Manufacturing Capabilities

SSP’s Septa Blog is the place to learn about septa, septum cap assemblies, and cap mats for gas chromatography (GC), liquid chromatography (GC), and other applications that require analytical purity. We hope you’ll enjoy the information we’ll share and encourage you to contact SSP with suggested topics for future blog entries.

As visitors to the new website will learn, SSP’s ISO 9001:2008-certified manufacturing facility in Ballston Spa, New York has one of the industry’s largest ranges of dies, molds, caps, and silicone formulations. We also maintain an in-house machine shop for tooling and use state-of-the-art cutting and insertion equipment for precision manufacturing.

To learn more about septa from SSP, contact us.