Oct, 27 2020

Bonded EMI O-Rings: White Paper and Sample Kit

Bonded EMI O-Rings: White Paper and Sample Kit

Specialty Silicone Products (SSP) has published a new white paper about bonded EMI O-rings and is offering a free sample kit so that you can receive examples of these products. SSP’s new white paper is available for immediate download and allows potential buyers to request samples. Click here to download the white paper and, optionally, to get samples like the ones you see in the picture for this blog entry.

What You’ll Learn

SSP’s white paper, Bonded EMI O-Rings for Reduced Costs and Improved Performance, explains the importance of choosing the right bonding process. Non-conductive room-temperature vulcanizing (RTV) silicones and non-conductive, non-silicone adhesives are both susceptible to EMI leakage. Non-silicone glues such as acrylics can also risk mechanical gasket failure.

Molding might seem like a better choice, but you’ll pay more for tooling and have to wait a long time for molds to arrive. Fortunately, SSP offers an attractive alternative. As our white paper explains, we recently completed an internal project that demonstrated how our bonded EMI O-rings are as good as molded ones. The OEM example in our white paper even lets you see some sample savings.   

What You’ll Get

When you download the Bonded EMI O-Rings white paper, you can also indicate that you’d like to receive SSP’s sample kit. There’s nothing like seeing sample products for yourself and holding them in your hands, so be sure to ask for them if you need bonded EMI O-rings. Simply provide your phone number when you complete the on-line form and we’ll contact you for shipping information.  

Bonded EMI O-rings need to provide reliable protection against electromagnetic interference (EMI) in medical, military, automotive, aerospace, and other demanding applications. If you need shielding solutions you can count on, ask Specialty Silicone Products (SSP) to provide them. Get the white paper and the sample kit, and discover the difference that partnering with SSP makes.