Dec, 30 2020

SSP 2020: The Year in Review

SSP 2020: The Year in Review

Specialty Silicone Products (SSP) is ending 2020 with a look back at the year via the content we provided. Recently, we announced the release of an updated EMI/RFI Silicones Catalog with an all-new Extrusions chapter and two bonus white papers. Earlier this year, we published an all-new white paper called “Bonded EMI O-Rings for Reduced Costs and Improved Performance” that you can download here.

SSP’s Silicones That Work Blog announced both of these resources and contained plenty of company, product, and technical information. Here’s a summary of our 2020 blog content in chronological order, beginning last January and ending this December.

Military and Aerospace Silicones: Easy to Find and Fully Certified explained how SSP re-designed its  website to make its fully-certified military and aerospace silicones easier to find by AA 59588 (formerly ZZR-765), MIL-DTL-25988, and AMS specifications.   

SSP Adds Capacity with Fifth Mill and Third EMI Extruder announced how we added another mixing mill and an EMI extruder to our Ballston Spa, New York (USA) manufacturing facility to meet growing demand for silicones, especially aerospace materials.

SSP Previews New USP Class VI Conductive Silicone at MD&M West 2020 previewed our release of a new USP Class VI conductive elastomer at the MD&M West show. This innovative material complements our line of EMI elastomers and the SSP-2390 family of medical silicones.

Five Lessons from MD&M West 2020 summarized what we learned at the last major tradeshow that many medical device and equipment companies could attend before the COVID-19 pandemic forced widespread lockdowns and event cancelations.   

REACH Compliance and Silicone Rubber featured an interview with Sarah L. Lewis, Ph.D., SSP’s Research and Development Manager, about REACH compliance and silicone rubber – an important topic for a growing number of silicone buyers.  

SSP Offers Replacements for GORE® EMI Shielding announced SSP alternatives to discontinued lines of flame-resistant EMI gasket materials made by W.L. Gore and Associates. SSP-502-40-V0 is an offset for GORE® GS22100 and SSP-502-60-V0 is an offset for GORE® GS5200.

SSP Joins the Fight Against COVID-19 described how SSP made sealing mats for COVID-19 testing, medical silicones for skin-safe PPE, and molded USP Class VI silicone seals for ventilators. Because New York State deemed us an “essential business”, SSP has remained open throughout the pandemic.   

Faces of SSP: Meet Barry Smith, Sr. Business Development Representative introduced Barry Smith to our readers and explained how SSP’s new Sr. Business Development Representative brings decades of industry experience along with a focus on the electronics, aerospace, medical, and military markets.      

RPN Reports SSP Alternatives to GORE® EMI Shielding, COVID-19 Response summarized an excellent article from Rubber & Plastics News (RPN) about how SSP is providing alternatives to discontinued GORE® EMI shielding and increasing silicone production to support the fight against COVID-19.

New TDS for SSP Offsets to Discontinued GORE® EMI Gasket Materials announced how SSP published new technical data sheets (TDS) and an outgassing report for SSP-502-40-V0 and SSP-502-60-V0, alternatives to discontinued GORE® EMI shielding materials with flame resistance.

Did You Know SSP Makes EMI/RFI O-Rings explained that SSP makes vulcanized and molded EMI O-rings from four shielding silicones: SSP-502-65 nickel-graphite filled silicone, SSP-2368-65 MIL-DTL-83528 Type B silicone, SSP-2486-70 MIL-DTL-83528 Type D silicone, and SSP-2529 nickel-aluminum filled silicone.

Ten Things You May Not Know About SSP shared important facts about Specialty Silicone Products (SSP) and encouraged buyers to learn more about their partners in order to reduce supply chain risk, a concern that’s grown during COVID-19.  

REACH Compliance and Septa for Low-Level Analysis clarified the relationship between REACH and cyclics in some silicone septa. SSP significantly reduces cyclic levels in our septa so that low-level analysis won’t produce chromatographic spikes caused by the septa itself.

USP Class VI Silicones White Paper Now Available re-issued SSP’s popular white paper about how we manufacture a medical silicone that earned a certificate of compliance (CoC) from a third-party laboratory for an ultra-clean, ultra-pure elastomer that meets USP Class VI, FDA, and RoHS requirements.   

New Shielding Report and TDS for SSP Offsets for GORE® EMI Gasket Materials announced the publication of a shielding effectiveness report and technical data sheets (TDS) for SSP offsets to discontinued GORE® EMI gasket materials. A third-party accredited laboratory tested samples according to MIL-DTL-83528.

Silver Price is Rising: How Will It Impact EMI Gasket Prices? predicted that, if the 1970s are a guide, rising prices for precious metals will lead to an urgent search for less expensive filler materials. SSP’s nickel-graphite silicones, which include two GORE® EMI offsets, provide a cost-effective alternative.   

EMI Sheets vs. Continuous Rolls: Manufacturing Costs and Considerations explained how although buyers of EMI gaskets are more familiar with sheet stock, there are some disadvantages to using EMI sheet materials. That’s why SSP also offers continuous EMI rolls in both standard and custom dimensions.   

Custom Thicknesses for SSP Continuous Silicone Sheet shared how SSP makes it possible for silicone buyers to get continuous rolls in whatever thickness they need – and without the headaches and delays associated with custom runs or design changes.    

Outgassing and Conductive Shielding Elastomers reminded readers that SSP makes conductive shielding elastomers with low levels of outgassing according to ASTM E595, an industry standard used by NASA. Low-outgassing silicones are used in satellite communications, spacecraft, and optical applications.   

Bonded EMI O-Rings: White Paper and Sample Kit announced SSP’s publication of its “Bonded EMI O-Rings for Reduced Costs and Improved Performance” white paper and the availability of a free sample kit so that qualified buyers can receive samples of these products.  

EMI Conductive Silicones with Third-Party Test Data affirmed SSP’s commitment to third-party testing and how we supply EMI conductive silicones that meet standards like MIL-DTL-83528 for military gaskets or UL 94 V0 EMI gaskets that provide flame resistance.

REACH Compliance and Medical Silicones clarified the relationship between REACH and cyclics, impurities found in some medical silicones. Readers learned how SSP significantly reduces levels of cyclics and what manufacturers of medical devices and equipment need to know for REACH compliance.

2021 EMI Silicones Catalog Now Available announced the release of our new catalog in PDF format. This downloadable resource contains detailed information about all of SSP’s products along with part numbers for sheet stock, continuous rolls, and standard extrusions.    

For more information about Specialty Silicone Products (SSP), contact SSP on-line or email Dominic Testo.