Sep, 01 2022

SSP Manufacturing Memes

SSP Manufacturing Memes

As we head toward Labor Day Weekend, SSP thanks all of our hard-working customers for their continued support. We also invite you to enjoy these manufacturing memes about lead times, expertise, and communications.

Lead Times

This picture is funny (unless you're a production manager), but SSP tries to commit to realistic lead times instead of over-promising on deliveries. Then we hit all of our ship dates to the best of our ability and measure our performance by ship-to-promise metrics. 

Sometimes, however, lead times aren't exactly what a customer wants. So, we try to avoid putting ourselves and the customer in a tight spot in the first place. Overpromising doesn't do any good (as production managers everywhere can attest).


Over the past few years, SSP has hired some of the most experienced and technically knowledgeable staff in the market. Many of the technical emails that you receive from our sales team have been informed by our technology team to ensure that all of the data is both correct and helpful.


In today's world of supply shortages and shipping delays, we try our best to communicate promptly with customers about potential issues. Sometimes, however, there are times when we have to delay orders because of reasons we can't control. Communication is the key. 

We appreciate the understanding that our loyal and hardworking customers have shown us during the last year. Thank you for your business, and have a great Labor Day weekend!