Dec, 06 2022

SSP Launches YouTube Channel and Showcases EMI/RFI Shielding

SSP Launches YouTube Channel and Showcases EMI/RFI Shielding

Specialty Silicone Products (SSP) has launched a YouTube Channel and is showcasing classic content about its EMI/RFI elastomers. SSP’s first YouTube video, EMI/RFI Gasketing: Outside the Box Solutions to Protect What’s in the Box, originally aired several years ago. A global pandemic and supply chain disruptions have roiled markets since then, but SSP’s electrically-conductive elastomers are still providing mechanical engineers and silicone buyers with innovative solutions to problems left behind by legacy materials.     

As SSP’s EMI/RFI Gasketing video explains, there was little innovation with EMI/RFI elastomers for many years. Then SSP began showing engineers and buyers how they could achieve military-grade performance at commercially viable costs. SSP’s EMI/RFI silicones also provided new ways to overcome the constraints of compressing molding processes. Gasket fabricators liked SSP’s softer and more compliant materials, and how they solved problems such as brittleness, structural integrity, and tearing. 

Continuous Innovation in EMI Gasketing

Years ago, suppliers of EMI/RFI gasket materials used only pure silver or silver-plated powders to meet the U.S. military’s MIL-DTL-83528 specification. Silver spiked in price, however, and silver-filled materials became cost-prohibitive with extremely volatile prices. SSP offered an alternative, electrically conductive elastomers filled with nickel-coated graphite particles, that could achieve comparable shielding effectiveness at 30% of the cost. This third-party shielding report contains the data for two of SSP’s innovative nickel-graphite materials.  

To overcome compression molding challenges, SSP introduced continuous rolls in custom lengths and thicknesses. The benefits included reduced lead times, improved material yields, and the potential to minimize splicing for oversized gaskets. SSP also tackled galvanic corrosion in marine environments, a problem that can compromise both the environmental seal and shielding effectiveness. As this salt spray test report shows, SSP offers a non-silver alternative to CHOSEAL 6502.

More EMI/RFI Gasket Materials

SSP’s solutions to EMI/RFI shielding challenges include reinforced shielding composites that contain electrically-conductive fabric. In addition to improved toughness, these specialized silicones support thin-walled gaskets without sacrificing conductivity. SSP’s softer and more compliant silicones are also a welcome alternative to harder EMI gasket materials that require high compression to achieve a good seal. As SSP’s EMI/RFI Gasketing video explains, buyers can also choose bonded and molded EMI O-rings.

Watch SSP’s first YouTube video to learn more about the products in this article and click the Subscribe button so that you’ll be notified about future content. SSP plans to release additional videos in 2023, so let us know what you’d like to learn more about. In the meantime, we invite you to contact us for more information about our EMI/RFI silicones, military and aerospace silicones, or FDA and USP VI silicones for medical applications. Contact SSP online, or email Dominic Testo, SSP’s Business Development Manager.