Apr, 10 2023

Monday Manufacturing Memes

Monday Manufacturing Memes

As we move through Monday morning, SSP thanks all of our hard-working customers for their continued support. We also invite you to enjoy a few updates in the form of some manufacturing memes.

Technology Investments

SSP continues to invest in technology and has a staff of four research and development (R&D) personnel. For a company with less than 100 employees, a technology team of this size is considerable.

Lead Times

We’re always improving, but SSP consistently gets positive feedback on our lead times for EMI sheet stock, extrusions, and bonded EMI O-rings. In almost every case, we beat the industry standard.

Continuous Improvement

SSP’s salespeople want every order to ship on time, and we’re not happy when there are delays. Still, it’s important to thank everyone who enables us to have such a high rate of on-time deliveries. We couldn't do what we do without them.

Customer Communications

In a time of supply chain issues, sometimes you have to be a bearer of bad news. At SSP, we seek to minimize unwelcome surprises through regular communications so that customers know what to expect - and when to expect delivery.

We appreciate the understanding that our loyal and hardworking customers have shown us. Thank you for your business, and have a great week!