May, 31 2016

Silicone Greases for Sealing and Insulation

Silicone Greases for Sealing and Insulation

Silicone greases are waterproof lubricants that provide sealing and insulation for mechanical, electrical, military, marine, and many other applications. They’re made by combining a silicone oil with a special thickener, and are supplied in tubes, jars, cartridges, and plastic pails as a translucent, whitish, viscous paste. Many different types of silicone greases are available, so it’s important to select a lubricating compound that’s right for your application. Specialty Silicone Products (SSP) and its distributors are ready to help you with this process. 

Custom Silicone Greases Sold Directly to You

Unlike other manufacturers, SSP offers custom silicone greases to match the requirements of your specific application. SSP also offers excellent off-the-shelf products, including full offsets to most Dow Corning greases. Through our global distributor network, buyers can order quantities as low as one 5.3-oz. tube. For high-volume orders that involve shipments of silicone greases in pails or drums, SSP sells directly to you. This eliminates the major markups that you’ll find when dealing with the distribution networks of larger suppliers. Plus, SSP can help you to choose the silicone grease that meets your specific needs.    

Types of Silicone Greases

SSP supplies PTFE-filled silicone greases for applications that require electrical insulation or parts lubrication. Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), a synthetic fluoropolymer, has excellent thermal stability and dielectric properties. Silicone lubricating greases that contain PTFE also impart greater resistance to loading and wear, common causes of mechanical failure. Depending on your application requirements, however, you may need a dielectric grease, thermally-conductive grease, or silicone lubricant that meets U.S. military requirements. These and other lubricants are available from SSP and its distributors.    

Silicone Grease Specifications

Silicone greases from SSP can meet your exact specifications for extremely low (-150° F) to extremely high (600° F) temperature resistance. All of our lubricating compounds provide water washout resistance without harmful, flammable petrochemicals. SSP’s silicone greases are supplied in user-friendly containers and are ideal for use in the field or on the assembly line. Plus, our dielectric greases support reliable electrical connections in all environments. Applications for SSP’s thermally-conductive greases include thermocouple wells, heat sinks, and appliances.

MIL-SPEC Grease and Thermally-Conductive Grease

SSP also supplies silicone grease that meets U.S. military specifications (MIL-SPEC) and thermally-conductive grease for applications that require excellent heat transfer. SSP-1401-L is a MIL-S-8660C compliant, electrically-insulating, moisture-proof compound with a Qualified Product Listing (QPL) from the U.S. Department of Defense. Applications for this QPL listed grease include electrical connections, electronic components, threaded connectors, and plastic and rubber parts. SSP-1405-L is a thermally-conductive, medium-bodied, heat sink silicone compound.

Learn More. Ask SSP.

Do you have questions about silicone greases for metal, rubber, or plastic parts? Are you looking for a marine grease, an aerospace grease, or a valve lubricant? SSP a supplies a wide range of standard and off-the-shelf products, and even offers private labeling and specialty packaging to meet your requirements. To reach our supplier network or to communicate with us directly, contact SSP