Aug, 09 2016

Silicone Rubber with High Flex-Fatigue Resistance

Silicone Rubber with High Flex-Fatigue Resistance

Important: This article contains additional information about SSP's flex-fatigue resistant silicones.

Silicones resist a wide range of service temperatures, but they don’t always offer strong flex-fatigue resistance – a measure of an elastomer’s ability to withstand repeated flexing or bending. Flex-fatigue resistance is an important requirement for military and aerospace applications, however, so design engineers and technical buyers need to source silicone rubber with care. High temperatures, harsh environments, and excessive cycling can also contribute to elastomeric fatigue.

Specialty Silicone Products (SSP) of Ballston Spa, New York now offers a 50-durometer silicone that meets the requirements of the A-A-59588, Class 3B, Grade 50 specification for military compounds and aerospace silicones. Other suppliers may claim to meet this requirement, but industry-wide compliance has been inconsistent. The product that SSP has qualified (SSP-200-T) has been tested to the A-A-59588 specification and meets Demattia Flex Resistance Test requirements for Class 3B materials.

Demattia Flex Resistance Test

The base silicone in SSP-200-T passes the Demattia Flex Resistance Test, a dynamic test that measures the resistance of an elastomer to cracking. This test is specified in A-A-59588, Class B, Grade 50 and is performed by bending or flexural extension. The number of cycles is measured and the resistance to crack growth is determined. As the data sheet for SSP-200-T shows, the flex resistance (140,000 cycles) for SSP-200-T has typical values of 0.42-in. and 0.5-in. maximum. 

Form Factors and Colors

Specialty Silicone Products (SSP) supplies SSP-200-T silicones as ready-to-use uncured compounds, compression-molded sheet stock, or continuous rolls that support cost-effective material conversion and custom fabrication. Raw materials are available catalyzed and ready for compression molding and HAV curing. SSP-200-T silicone elastomers are available in gray, white, and black to support your product designs.  

Learn More

Download the SSP-200-T data sheet for product specifications such as tensile strength, elongation percentage, Tear-B, compression set, and specific gravity. SDS information is available upon request. To place an order or for answers to additional questions, please contact SSP on-line or email Dominic Testo of Specialty Silicone Products.