Booming eVTOL Industry Needs EMI Shielding and Aerospace Silicones

The global market for eVTOL aircraft will soar to $14.35 billion in 2025, reach $18.92 billion in 2026, and skyrocket to $51.18 billion in 2031, according to a report from The Business Research Company. Archer Aviation, a leading designer of electrical vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) vehicles, recently shared plans to open a 650-aircraft manufacturing facility by the end of 2024. It’s just one in a series of recent Archer announcements that highlights why the eVTOL industry needs EMI [...]

Soaring Cargo Flights Need Aerospace Silicones

Cargo flights are returning to pre-pandemic levels according to Jeffries Equity Research, a global investment banking firm. To keep up with demand, airlines are converting widebody passenger jets to freighters. They’re also buying new cargo aircraft even though asset prices are significantly higher than their historical average. There are opportunities out there, but where can you find them?Boeing, Textron, and AirbusToday, Boeing accounts for 54% of all cargo haulers – and its fleet [...]