EMI Shielding for Electric Vehicles: Get the White Paper

Electric vehicles (EVs) are susceptible to electromagnetic interference (EMI) because they put significant amounts of electrical and electronic content into confined spaces. The radiated and conductive emissions from these systems can disrupt circuits and result in conditions that range from minor inconveniences to dangerous losses of vehicle function. Without proper EMI shielding, performance and safety can suffer.In a new white paper, Specialty Silicone Products (SSP) explains what engineers [...]

MIL-DTL-25988 Fluorosilciones with Full COAs and Low MOQs

Specialty Silicone Products (SSP) makes MIL-DTL-25988 fluorosilicones with a full certificate of analysis (COA) for each batch and with no extra testing fees or costs. Plus, SSP supplies these military and aerospace silicones in sheets, rolls, and ready-to-mold compounds with low minimum order quantities (MOQs). Several of SSP’s MIL-DTL-25988 fluorosilicones have independent testing reports from Akron Rubber Development Laboratory, Inc. (ARDL), and all of SSP’s MIL-DTL-25988 [...]

EMI O-Rings: Applications and SSP’s Advantages

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) occurs when external electromagnetic energy mixes with another electronic system and then disturbs the system's original flow. EMI is one of the identified causes of the decrease in performance or, in some cases, the failure of electronic devices. To put it in perspective, an example includes external signals that may interfere with the sensitive equipment in an airplane. Other EMI sources may be coming from older consumer electronics without EMI shielding, [...]