What SSP Learned at the GFA’s Fall 2022 Meeting

Specialty Silicone Products (SSP) recently attended the Fall 2022 Meeting of the Gasket Fabricators Association (GFA), a leading trade group for companies that provide custom-fabricated components like seals, gaskets, tapes, and adhesives. From September 13 to 15, SSP joined other GFA members in beautiful Park City, Utah. The GFA holds two meetings each year.A September event in Utah’s Wasatch Mountains is a great way to beat the heat, but uncertainty is like a strong, cold wind [...]

SSP Manufacturing Memes

As we head toward Labor Day Weekend, SSP thanks all of our hard-working customers for their continued support. We also invite you to enjoy these manufacturing memes about lead times, expertise, and communications.Lead TimesThis picture is funny (unless you're a production manager), but SSP tries to commit to realistic lead times instead of over-promising on deliveries. Then we hit all of our ship dates to the best of our ability and measure our performance by ship-to-promise [...]

Faces of SSP: Jen Briggs

Specialty Silicone Products is pleased to introduce Jen Briggs as our new Customer Account Coordinator. Jen joined the SSP team about three months ago and works closely with Nichole Hotaling-Koon, SSP’s Customer Account Operations Manager. Jen’s responsibilities cover both the laboratory and industrial sides of our business, and she works with both domestic and international customers.“I like the environment and the work culture at SSP,” Jen says. “People here are [...]

Molded EMI Frame Gaskets Case Study

Frame gaskets for EMI shielding are flat, four-sided parts with an open area in the middle. Whether they’re square or rectangular, these gaskets resemble a picture frame and are made of particle-filled silicones that provide shielding against electromagnetic interference (EMI). Although some EMI frame gaskets are small enough to hold in your hand, others are so large that they’re difficult and expensive to fabricate.Typically, there are two ways to make these very large EMI frame [...]

MIL-DTL-25988 Fluorosilicone Case Study

MIL-DTL-25988 fluorosilicone gaskets are used in aerospace applications that require proven resistance to jet fuel and lubricating oils. They are fabricated from sheet or roll materials or produced from ready-to-mold compounds. Because these military-grade fluorosilicones are used in mission-critical applications, buyers want to know that the specific batch they receive meets the requirements of this important U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) specification.Yet not all suppliers offer a [...]