Three Reasons to Choose SSP502-40

SSP502-40 is a 40-durometer EMI silicone that’s filled with nickel-coated graphite particles. It’s electrically conductive, environmentally resistant, and provides proven levels of shielding against electromagnetic interference (EMI). SSP502-40 is Made in the USA under an ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system and is available in cost-effective quantities for EMI gasket fabrication.There are many reasons to buy SS502-40 from Specialty Silicone Products (SSP), but three [...]

EMI/RFI Conductive Silicones for EV Sealing and Shielding

The EV industry needs electrically-conductive gaskets that combine proven environmental resistance with reliable shielding against electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI). Electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers and gasket fabricators have a choice of materials, but EMI/RFI elastomers from Specialty Silicone Products (SSP) are solving sealing and shielding challenges – and more.Whether you’re designing an EV battery box, an EV charging station, or an [...]

EMI Shielding for UAVs

Most unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) require communications with ground-based systems such as radio gateways. Electromagnetic interference (EMI) can disrupt these communications, degrade the quality of global positioning system (GPS) reception, and interfere with the drone’s onboard compass, which is calibrated according to the Earth’s magnetic field. The causes of UAV EMI are numerous, but electrically conductive gaskets made of shielding silicones are part of the solution.What [...]

MIL-DTL-83528 Conductive Shielding Elastomers and QPL 83528

Specialty Silicone Products (SSP) makes conductive shielding elastomers, including five QPL listed products that meet MIL-DTL-83528 requirements. For engineers who need EMI/RFI gaskets for military applications, it’s important to know what MIL-DTL-83528 is and how it’s related to the QPL. It’s also worth learning about some other conductive shielding elastomers that are used in military projects.  What is MIL-DTL-83528?MIL-DTL-83528 is a detail specification from the U.S. [...]

EV Battery Box Sealing and EMI Shielding

Redesigning an EV battery box because of a gasket problem can be difficult and expensive. It’s better to account for EV battery box sealing up-front than to design the case and discover that a gasket won’t fit, or that a chosen material wasn’t the best selection. Along with low-temperature flexibility and high-temperature resistance, EV battery box gaskets need to provide shielding against electromagnetic interference (EMI). They also need to meet tough flammability [...]