SSP-083 is a 60-durometer, peroxide-catalyzed, heat-cured fluorosilicone elastomer that meets MIL-DTL-25988C, Type 2, Class 2, Grade 60.


60-Durometer Peroxide Cure Fluorosilicone

SSP-083 is a 60-durometer (Shore A) heat-cured fluorosilicone elastomer that uses a Varox-peroxide and dicumyl-peroxide catalyst system. This fluorosilicone compound meets the requirements of both the SAE AMS 3326 and MIL-DTL-25988C, Type 2, Class 2, Grade 60 specifications. Because AMS3326 and MIL-R-25988C rubber requires significant testing, there is a $500 minimum order amount. Small-quantity orders may be subject to certification charges.

SAE AMS 3326 Fluorosilicones

SSP-083 elastomers meet SAE AMS 3326 and MIL-DTL-25988C, Type 2, Class 2, Grade 60 requirements for oil-resistant and fuel-resistant fluorosilicones. The requirements of AMS3326 are now embodied in the latest issue of AMS 3325 for aerospace materials.

MIL-DTL-25988C, Type 2, Class 2, Grade 60 Fluorosilicones

According to the MIL-DTL-25988C standard, Type 2 fluorosilicone elastomers are for molded parts (other than O-rings), sheets, strips, and extruded shapes. Class 2 fluorosilicone compounds are high-strength, general-purpose elastomers. Grade 60 indicates that the rubber has a nominal 60-durometer hardness.

Peroxide Cured Fluorosilicone Elastomers

SSP-083 fluorosilicone elastomers are peroxide-cured, a robust technique that is also cost-effective. Peroxide cure fluorosilicones are not inhibited by amines, tin compounds, latex, or urethanes, and SSP post-bakes all peroxide cured silicones to prevent bloom. SSP-083 fluorosilicones are used in aerospace and military applications, and combine broad temperature resistance with resistance to fuels, coolants, and oils.  

Form Factors and Colors for Fluorosilicone Compounds

SSP-083 fluorosilicone elastomers are supplied as ready-to-mold compounds or compression-molded sheet stock. These fluorosilicone compounds can be pigmented to meet your application requirements, but the most popular colors produced are red, blue, and black.