SSP-1850-C-30 is a 30-durometer, thermally-conductive silicone elastomer for heat transfer applications.


Thermally Conductive Silicone Elastomer

SSP-1850-C-30 is a 30-durometer (Shore A), thermally-conductive silicone for thermal management applications. This heat-cured, low-durometer elastomer from Specialty Silicone Products (SSP) is supplied as a fully-cured, conductive sheet stock or as a ready-to-mold compound.

Ready for Press-Cure Molding

SSP-1850-C-30 thermally-conductive silicone is red in color can be supplied uncatalyzed for a longer (1 – 2 years) shelf life. Catalyzed SSP-1850-C-30 has a shorter shelf life (6 months), but is ready for press-cure molding. MSDS information is available. 

More Information

Download the SSP-1850-C-30 data sheet for tensile psi, elongation percentage, specific gravity, thermal conductivity, volume resistivity, and thermal stability range specifications. Values for this thermal management material were generated with a Varox catalyst system according to ASTM procedures.