SSP-502-40-V1 is a 40-durometer, very conductive, nickel-plated-graphite, flame-retardant shielding silicone that is tested to UL-94 V1 parameters.


Flame Retardant Nickel-Graphite Shielding Silicones

SSP-502-40-V1 is a 40-durometer (Shore A), flame-retardant, electrically-conductive, silicone compound that’s filled with nickel-coated-graphite particles for EMI RFI shielding. This lower-durometer silicone is softer than other particle-filled elastomers, which often have a Shore A durometer that’s significantly higher. 

Nickel-Coated Graphite for Silver-Like Conductivity

SSP-502-40-V1 offers performance levels that are comparable to shielding silicones filled with silver-coated particles. This very conductive and flame retardant silicone from Specialty Silicone Products (SSP) has a typical shielding effectiveness of > 113 dB for the 20 MHz to 10 GHz band (E-field). 

UL-94 V1 Flame Retardant Silicone Shielding Elastomer

SSP-502-40-V1 is tested to the parameters of UL-94 V1, a burn testing standard for materials used commonly in the enclosures, structural parts, and insulators found in consumer electronics. This particle-filled silicone from SSP is recommended for applications that require electrical conductivity, EMI shielding, and flame resistance. 

Thinner, Smaller, Lighter-Weight EMI Gaskets

SSP-502-40-V1 shielding silicones are comparable to Parker Chomerics 6372 EMI material for conductive elastomer gaskets. As part of SSP’s 502 series, this nickel-coated graphite-filled elastomer enables thinner, smaller, and lighter weight EMI RFI solutions. 

Ready-to-Mold Compounds, Sheets, and Rolls

SSP-502-40-V1 is supplied as a ready-to-mold compound; fully-cured, conductive sheet stock; and, for some formulations, as continuous rolls.  Fluorosilicone grades are also available.


Download the data sheet for SSP-502-40-V1 technical specifications such as tensile strength, elongation percentage, tear resistance, specific gravity, volume resistivity, and thermal stability range.