Silicone Lubricating Compounds

Silicone Greases for Electrical Insulation and Part Lubrication


Specialty Silicone Products Inc. (SSP) supplies PTFE-filled silicone greases, silicone pastes, and silicone lubricating compounds for applications that require electrical insulation or parts lubrication. These high-quality silicone lubricants meet demanding specifications for temperatures, pressures, and loads. 

Custom Formulations and Convenient Packaging

To support your manufacturing or maintenance environment, SSP offers a variety of silicone greases, silicone pastes, and silicone lubricant compounds in packages ranging from 5.3-oz. tubes to 55-gallon drums. SSP’s high-quality silicone lubricants are comparable to products from Dow Corning and Novagard. 

Dielectric Greases for Electrical Connectors

SSP’s PTFE-filled silicone lubricating greases contain polytetrafluoroethylene, a synthetic fluoropolymer with excellent thermal stability and dielectric properties. These dielectric greases can be applied to electrical connections in the field or on the assembly line, and support temperatures from -150° F to 600° F.

Quiet Lubrication for Moving Parts

SSP’s silicone greases, silicone pastes, and silicone lubricating compounds are also used to lubricate metal, rubber, and plastic parts. Whether as a marine grease, and aerospace grease, or as a valve lubricant, SSP greases do not contain flammable petrochemicals and are water washout resistant.

Thermally-Conductive Greases and Specialty Lubricants 

SSP also supplies specialty silicone compounds such as thermally-conductive greases and lubricants that comply with MIL-S-86660C requirements. Read the product table below for more information.

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Product: Description: Documents:
SSP-1201-A SSP-1201-A is an extreme low-temperature, PTFE-filled silicone grease that provides reliable lubrication at temperatures as low as -150°F (-101°C). Data Sheet SDS
SSP-1208-A SSP-1208-A is a heavy-bodied, PTFE-filled silicone grease for heavy loads at temperatures between -40°F (-40°C) and 500°F (260°C). Data Sheet SDS
SSP-1208-WA SSP-1208-WA is a medium-bodied, PTFE-filled silicone grease with improved water washout resistance for medium loads over a wide temperature range. Data Sheet SDS
SSP-1209-A SSP-1209-A is an extreme high-temperature, PTFE-filled silicone grease with a temperature range from -40°F (-40°C) to 600°F (316°C). Data Sheet SDS
SSP-1212 SSP-1212 is a heavy-bodied, FDA grade, silicone compound for light load lubrication, sealing, and electrical insulation at high temperatures. Data Sheet SDS
SSP-1217 SSP-1217 (TEFCONE2) is a light-bodied, PTFE-filled silicone grease that is electrically insulating, non-corrosive, and easy-to-handle and clean. Data Sheet SDS
SSP-1219 SSP-1219 is a silicone grease that's an approved NSF H1 food grade lubricant for incidental food contact in and around food processing areas. Data Sheet
SSP-1401-L SSP-1401-L is a light-bodied, MIL-S-8660C compliant, QPL listed, moisture proofing, silicone compound for mechanical and electrical connections. Data Sheet SDS
SSP-1404 SSP-1404 is a medium-bodied, FDA grade, dielectric silicone compound for light load lubrication that is less tacky than SSP-1212. Data Sheet SDS
SSP-1405-L SSP-1405-L is a thermally-conductive, medium-bodied, heat sink silicone compound for applications that require excellent heat transfer. Data Sheet SDS