SSP-2496 is a 60-durometer silicone that meets the fuel resistance requirements in AMS 3325. This AMS silicone can be pigmented as required.


AMS 3325 Silicone Rubber, 60 Durometer

SSP-2496 is a 60-durometer silicone rubber that meets the fuel resistance requirements in the AMS 3325 specification, which supercedes AMS 3326. This heat-cured elastomer uses a DBPH catalyst system and is supplied as compression molded sheet stock or ready-to-mold compound. Natural color SSP-2496 can be pigmented as required. 

AMS 3325 Specification

The AMS 3325 specification covers fluorosilicone rubber in the form of sheets, strips, tubing, extrusions, and molded shapes. These materials are used typically for parts requiring resistance to jet fuels and lubricating oils, but usage is not limited to such applications. SAE International, a professional association and standards-developing organization, defines Aerospace Material Specifications (AMS) like AMS 3325.

AMS 3325 Shelf Life

The shelf life for catalyzed SSP-2496 is two months. Cold storage will extend shelf left for this military and aerospace silicone.

AMS 3325 Spec and SSP-3325 Test Data

The AMS 3325 spec is available from SAE International. The table below compares typical values for SSP-3325-T against the AMS 3325 spec.



Typical Values

Shore A

55 - 65


Tensile Strength

800 psi min.

960 psi

Elongation % 

150 % min.


Tear C 

50 ppi min.

136 ppi

Specific Gravity

1.60 – 1.66


Other tests performed in accordance with the AMS 3325 specification include:

  • 22 hours compression set

  • Property changes after heat aging

  • AMS 3021 oil and Fuel-B immersion

  • Low temperature retraction

AMS 3325 oil and Fuel-B immersion covers shore change, tensile change, elongation change, and volume change percentage. 

AMS 3325 Data Sheet

Download the SSP-3325 data sheet and compare this PDF against the AMS 3325 specs from SAE International. 

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