SSP-1209-A is an extreme high-temperature, PTFE-filled silicone grease with a temperature range from -40°F (-40°C) to 600°F (316°C).


Extreme High-Temperature Silicone Lubricating Grease

SSP-1209-A is a silicone lubricating grease that’s designed for applications where maximum surface contact is required, and extremely high temperatures are expected. This PTFE-filled silicone grease is comparable to DC 41 bearing grease from Dow Corning, and G-392 lubricant from Novagard.

Thermal-Resistant PTFE-Filled Silicone Grease

SSP-1209-A has an operating range of -40?F to 600?F and an unworked penetration in the 250 to 300 range with a typical value of 270. This silicone lubricating grease offers thermal and chemical resistance with low volatility and excellent dispersion characteristics. SSP-1209-A also provides outstanding stability under high pressure, high load, and high shear conditions. 

Applications for SSP-1209-A Silicone Lubricant

SSP-1209-A is useful as lubricant under high pressure conditions. Applications include foundries, metal formings, steam generator connections, and molten salt pumps. With its high-temperature characteristics, SSP-1209-A is also used as bi-metal lube and with recreational equipment.

Packaging and Product Specifications

SSP-1209-A is supplied in drums, plastic pails, jars, cartridges, and plastic tubes. Private labeling and custom packaging are available to meet special requirements. Download the data sheet for product specifications such as thermal stability, unworked penetration, bleed, evaporation, and specific gravity. MSDS information for this PTFE-filled gray silicone grease is also available.