SSP-502-40 is a 40-durometer silicone filled with nickel-coated graphite. It’s very conductive and combines EMI shielding with environmental sealing.


Nickel-Graphite Silicone for EMI Shielding Gaskets

SSP-502-40 is a 40-durometer silicone that’s filled with nickel-coated graphite particles. This silicone elastomer is very electrically conductive and combines reliable environmental sealing with superior shielding against electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI). A third-party shielding report is available for this EMI RFI silicone.

EMI RFI Silicone with Silver-Like Conductivity

SSP-502-40 supports thinner, smaller, and lighter-weight designs. This EMI RFI elastomer also offers performance levels that are comparable to shielding silicones with silver-coated particles. SSP-502-40 is cost-effective and, unlike silver-filled silicones, isn’t subject to fluctuating silver prices. Applications include EMI gaskets and O-rings.

EMI Gasket Fabrication

SSP-502-40 is supplied as a ready-to-mold compound; fully-cured, conductive sheet stock; or, for some formulations, continuous rolls. Depending on the form factor, EMI gasket fabrication methods include compression molding and die cutting. For EMI O-rings, gasket fabricators can use either cold bonding or vulcanization.     

Comparing EMI Gasket Materials

SSP-502-40 shielding silicones are comparable to the following Parker Chomerics elastomers for EMI shielding gaskets: S6305, 6330, 6370, 6371, 6372, and 6308. 

SSP-502-40 is also an offset to these discontinued Gore materials: GORE GS2100, GS5200, and GS8000. Applications include EMI gaskets for military and defense, aerospace, spaceflight, telecommunications, wireless infrastructure, automotive, mobile phones, GPS, portable computers, and handheld field testing equipment.

SSP’s EMI RFI silicones also have low minimum order quantities (MOQs) and short lead times.  SSP sends certificates of analysis (COAs) that prove the quality of its materials and can also provide certificates of conformance (COC).  

Learn More about SSP-502-40

Catalyzed shielding materials are ready for press-cure molding and have a shelf life of six months. Uncatalyzed materials last as long as 1 to 2 years, and cold storage will extend shelf life. Download the Data Sheet for complete product specifications. There’s also a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and a third-party Shielding Report.