SSP-1778 is a 50-durometer silicone that meets AMS 3345 requirements. It's supplied as a ready-to-mold compound and can be pigmented.


AMS 3345 Silicone, 50 Durometer Rubber

SSP-1778 is a 50-durometer silicone rubber that meets the requirements of the AMS 3345 specification. This military and aerospace silicone uses a dicumyl- peroxide catalyst system. SSP supplies this heat-cured silicone elastomer as a ready-to-mold compound. It can be pigmented to meet your requirements, but the most popular colors are brick red, black, and gray.

AMS 3345 Specification

The AMS 3345 specification covers silicone rubber  in the form of sheet, strip, tubing, molded shapes, and extrusions. AMS 3345 silicones are resistant to deterioration by weathering and aircraft piston engine oil. They remain flexible over the temperature range noted. SAE International, a professional association and standards-developing organization, defines Aerospace Material Specifications (AMS) like AMS 3345. 

AMS 3345 Shelf Life

The shelf life for uncatalyzed SSP 3345 is indefinite, but this military and aerospace silicone may need freshening after 1 to 2 years. When catalyzed, the shelf life is 2 to 6 months. Cold storage will extend the shelf life for this military and aerospace silicone rubber. 

AMS 3345 Spec and SSP-1778 Test Data

The AMS 3345 spec is available from SAE International. The table below shows test data for SSP-1778.


Typical Values

Shore A (45-55 range)


Tensile Strength (1000 psi minimum)

1260 psi

Elongation % (450 minimum)


Tear B (150 ppi minimum)

190 ppi

Tensile Stress @100% (90 minimum)


Specific Gravity


Other tests performed in accordance with the AMS 3345 specification include:

  • 22 hours compression set
  • Brittle point
  • Shore change
  • Tensile change
  • Elongation change
  • Volume change % in oil
  • Heat-aged shore change
  • Heat-aged tensile change
  • Heat-aged elongation change

AMS 3305 Data Sheet

Download the SSP-1778 data sheet and compare this PDF to the AMS 3305 specs from SAE International. Contact SSP to request a quote, or for additional information about this silicone rubber.