SSP-1404 is a medium-bodied, FDA grade, dielectric silicone compound for light load lubrication that is less tacky than SSP-1212.


Medium-Bodied Silicone Lubricating Compound

SSP-1404 is a medium-bodied, dielectric silicone lubricating compound that’s designed for applications where contacting surfaces are not under heavy load. This medium-bodied silicone compound is comparable to DC 7 dielectric silicone release mold compound grease from Dow Corning, and to G-623 dielectric silicone grease from Novagard.

FDA Grade Dielectric Grease

SSP-1404 has an unworked penetration with a typical value of 240. This silicone lubricating compound is non-corrosive and water repellent, chemical and thermal resistant, low in volatile chemicals, and is FDA grade. SSP-1404 does not separate, and has excellent stability and dispersion characteristics.

Applications for SSP-1404 Silicone Lubricant Compound

SSP-1404 is used as an electrical insulator, corrosion inhibitor, water repellent, mold release, or lubricant for metal, rubber, or plastic parts. Applications include fire extinguisher valves, food processing equipment, plug valves, electrical connections, garage door chain drives, and window tracks and springs. SSP-1404 is also used as a lubricant with vacuum and pressure systems, automotive ignitions, and home appliances.

Packaging and Product Specifications

SSP-1404 is supplied in drums, plastic pails, jars, cartridges, and plastic tubes. Download the data sheet for product specifications such as worked and unworked penetration, bleed, specific gravity, and Hegman grind. MSDS information for this translucent silicone compound is also available.