SSP-2569-65 is a 65-durometer, silver-copper EMI shielding silicone. QPL listed for MIL-DTL-83528, Type A. Use instead of CHO-SEAL 1212.


Silver-Copper Silicone Shielding Elastomer

SSP-2569-65 is an EMI silicone filled with silver-copper particles that is part of the Qualified Product List (QPL) for MIL-DTL-83528, Type A. This product is supplied as fully cured, conductive sheet stock, continuous extrusion profiles, or as ready-to-mold compound. It is tan in color.

MIL-DTL-83528, Type A

SSP-2569-65 meets the requirements of the MIL-DTL-83528, Type A specification for silver-plated, copper-filled silicones capable of 110 dB of plane wave shielding effectiveness at 10 GHz with a continuous use temperature range of -55°C to +160°C. 

QPL 83528 and SSP-2569-65

SSP-2569-65 has been added to QPL 83528 for specific government designations.

  • M83528/001A (001 thru 013)
  • M83528/002A (007 thru 155)
  • M83528/003A (001 thru 012)
  • M83528/004A (001 thru 036)
  • M83528/005A (001 thru 023)
  • M83528/006A (001 thru 005)
  • M83528/007A (001 thru 007)
  • M83528/008A (001 thru 008)
  • M83528/009A (001 thru 015)
  • M83528/010A (001 thru 006)
  • M83528/011A (001 thru 008
  • M83528/012A (001 thru 012)
  • M83528/014A (001 thru 002)
  • M83528/015A (.02 thru 999)
  • M83528/016A (.02 thru 9999)

Shielding Effectiveness and Volume Resistivity

SSP-2569-65 has a shielding effectiveness of greater than 110 dB and typical values of 145 dB at 20 MHz to 10 GHz (E-Field). This conductive silicone’s volume resistivity, a measure of an insulating material’s resistance to leakage current through its body, has typical values of 0.0015 ohm-cm.

CHO-SEAL 1215 Offset

SSP-2569-65 can be used instead of CHO-SEAL 1215. CHO-SEAL®  is a registered trademark of Parker Chomerics. SSP also makes other CHOSEAL offsets.

More Information

Download the SSP-2569-65 data sheet for material specifications such as tensile strength, elongation percentage, tear resistance, specific gravity, thermal stability range, and electrical stability after break. The technical data sheet also provides volume resistivity after life testing for 48 hours and 1000 hours.