SSP-502 Series

SSP-502 Series

SSP-502 shielding silicones are filled with nickel-coated graphite, very conductive, and can be reinforced with an inner layer of conductive fabric.


Nickel-Graphite Silicone Shielding Elastomers

SSP-502 shielding silicones are filled with nickel-coated graphite particles and combine superior EMI shielding with reliable environmental sealing. They can be reinforced with an inner layer of conductive fabric that enhances material strength while ensuring electrical conductivity. 

Conductive Elastomer Gasket Materials 

SSP-502 series silicone shielding elastomers are comparable Parker Chomerics S6305, 6330, 6370, 6371, 6372, and 6308 materials for EMI conductive elastomer gaskets. SSP’s cost-effective materials provide a typical shielding effectiveness of 115 dB – 125 dB (full third-party test report available). 

EMI Shielding with Silver-Like Conductivity 

SSP’s nickel-coated graphite-filled silicones enable thinner, smaller, and lighter weight EMI RFI solutions. The SSP-502 series of shielding elastomers also offers performance levels that are comparable to metal-filled silicones that contain silver-coated particles. SSP-502 nickel-graphite shielding silicones are available in range of durometers. 

Molding Compounds, Conductive Sheets, and Continuous Rolls 

SSP supplies 502-series silicone shielding elastomer as ready-to-mold compounds; fully-cured, conductive sheet stock; and, for some formulations, as continuous rolls. Catalyzed shielding materials are ready for press-cure molding and have a shelf life of six months. Uncatalyzed materials last as long as 1 to 2 years, and cold storage will extend shelf life. 

More Information

Download the data sheet for product specifications such as tensile psi, elongation percentage, Tear B ppi, maximum volume resistivity, and specific gravity.  Fluorosilicone grades, SDS information, a Shielding Report, and a Salt Spray Report are available.