SSP-338 is a 50-durometer, heat-cured fluorosilicone elastomer that meets MIL-DTL-25988C, Type 2, Class 1 and 2, Grade 50 requirements


50-Durometer Peroxide Cure Fluorosilicone

SSP-338 is a 50-durometer (Shore A) heat-cured fluorosilicone elastomer that uses a Varox-peroxide and dicumyl-peroxide catalyst system. This fluorosilicone compound meets the requirements of the MIL-DTL-25988C, Type 2, Class 1 and 2, Grade 50 specification. Because MIL-DTL-25988C rubber requires significant testing, there is a $500 minimum order amount. Small-quantity orders may be subject to certification charges.

MIL-DTL-25988C, Type 2, Class 1 and 2, Grade 50 Fluorosilicones

SSP-338 elastomers meet MIL-DTL-25988C, Type 2, Class 1 and 2, Grade 50 requirements for oil-resistant and fuel-resistant fluorosilicones. According to this U.S. military specification, Type 2 fluorosilicone elastomers are for molded parts (other than O-rings), sheets, strips, and extruded shapes. Class 1 fluorosilicones are general-purpose elastomers. Class 1 fluorosilicones add high-strength. Grade 50 indicates that the rubber has a nominal 50-durometer hardness.

Peroxide Cured Fluorosilicone Elastomers

SSP-338 fluorosilicone elastomers are peroxide-cured, a robust technique that is also cost-effective. Peroxide cure fluorosilicones are not inhibited by amines, tin compounds, latex, or urethanes, and SSP post-bakes all peroxide cured silicones to prevent bloom. SSP-338 fluorosilicones are used in aerospace and military applications, and combine broad temperature resistance with resistance to fuels, coolants, and oils.  

Form Factors and Colors for Fluorosilicone Compounds

SSP-338 fluorosilicone elastomers are supplied as ready-to-mold compounds or compression-molded sheet stock. These fluorosilicone compounds can be pigmented to meet your application requirements, but the most popular colors produced are red, blue, and black.

More Information

Download the SSP-338 data sheet for specifications such as tensile strength, elongation percentage, tear resistance, specific gravity, and cure profile. MSDS information is available, and SSP can supply data from additional tests (such as oil immersion) performed in accordance with MIL-DTL-25988C, Type 2, Class 1 and 2, Grade 50 requirements.