SSP-502F-60 is a 60-durometer, very conductive, nickel-graphite fluorosilicone that combines EMI shielding with resistance to harsh environments.


60-Duromter Nickel-Graphite Fluorosilicone 

SSP-502F-60 is a 60-durometer (Shore A), electrically-conductive fluorosilicone elastomer that’s filled with nickel-coated-graphite particles and designed for harsh environments with solvents and fuels. This very conductive fluorosilicone elastomer from Specialty Silicone Products (SSP) provides EMI shielding and is comparable to Parker Chomerics L6303 material for conductive elastomeric EMI gaskets.

EMI Shielding and Electrical Conductivity 

SSP-502F-60 has a typical shielding effectiveness of 90 dB (full third-party report available) and enables thinner, smaller, and lighter weight EMI RFI solutions. This nickel-graphite-filled elastomer offers performance levels that are comparable to shielding silicones filled with silver-coated particles. Operating temperature for SSP-502F-60 range from –55° C to 200° C. 

More Information 

Download the data sheet for product specifications such as tensile strength, elongation percentage, tear resistance specific gravity, volume resistivity, compression set percentage, and compression / deflection percentage. SSP-502-60 is heat-cured and dark gray in color. SDS information and a Shielding Report are available.