SSP-502-65-032 Composite-NG-1 is a 65-durometer, nickel-graphite-filled, conductive shielding silicone reinforced with an internal nickel-coated mesh.


Nickel-Graphite Conductive Silicone Composite

SSP-502-65-032 Composite-NG-1 is a 65-durometer (Shore A), nickel-graphite-filled silicone with a nickel-coated reinforcing inner mesh for ultimate strength and optimal conductivity. This conductive silicone elastomer and conductive fabric composite from Specialty Silicone Products (SSP) is recommended when brittleness or tearing is a potential problem in cutting, packaging, or end-use applications. 

Conductive Fabric Reinforced 

SSP502-65-032 is reinforced with an inner layer of conductive fabric and offers both EMI shielding and environmental sealing. This cost-effective composite yields volume resistivity values that are similar to significantly more expensive silver-coated metal-filled elastomers. The conductive fabric in SSP502-65-032 also imparts physical properties that are far superior to those in elastomers alone. 

Superior Strength 

Compared to other EMI RFI shielding materials, SSP-502-65-032 provides outstanding tensile strength and tear strength. When a material lacks sufficient tensile strength, cutting a small part with a thin cross-section may result in tearing during packaging or application. SSP-502-65-032 proves that particle-filled silicones don’t have to be brittle, nor do they have to tear easily. 

Silver-Like Conductivity  

This SSP composite also offers silver-like conductivity without the price volatility and cost concerns associated with silver. In addition, SSP-502-65-032 can be produced as a continuous roll up to 15 inches wide to eliminate concerns about yield, lead times, added labor, and handling issues when cutting molded sheets. 

More Information

Download the data sheet for this conductive silicone elastomer and conductive fabric composite to view technical specifications such as tensile psi, elongation percentage, Tear B ppi, specific gravity, thickness, volume resistivity, and compression set. Values for SSP502-65-032 were generated using ASTM test methods and procedures for the conductive silicone composite. SDS information and a Shielding Report are available.