SSP-482F-75 is a 75-durometer, very conductive, silver-nickel fluorosilicone that combines EMI shielding with resistance to solvents and fuels.


Silver-Nickel Fluorosilicone Shielding Elastomer 

SSP-482F-75 is a 75-duromter (Shore A), electrically-conductive fluorosilicone elastomer that’s filled with silver-plated nickel particles and resists solvents and fuels.

Product Specifications

SSP-482F-75 provides EMI shielding and electrical conductivity. This very conductive fluorosilicone elastomer is tan or gray in color and supplied as fully-cured, conductive sheet stock or as ready-to-mold compounds. Uncatalyzed SSP-482F-75 has an indefinite shelf life, but may need freshening after 1 – 2 years. Catalyzed SSP-482F-75 has a six-month shelf life that can be extended by cold storage.

More Information

Download the SSP-482F-75 data sheet for material specifications such as tensile strength, elongation percentage, tear resistance, specific gravity, volume resistivity, and thermal stability range. Data was generated with a Varox catalyst system according to ASTM test methods and procedures. SDS information and a silicone product (SSP-482-75) are also available.