SSP-2432 is a 65-durometer, electrically-conductive, nickel-graphite silicone adhesive-sealant that cures in 24 hours and adheres to most substrates.


Nickel Graphite Filled Conductive RTV 

SSP-2432 is a 65-durometer (Shore A), electrically-conductive, silicone adhesive-sealant that’s filled with nickel-graphite-coated particles for EMI RFI shielding. SSP-2432 cures in 24 hours, but may require up to 72 hours for ultimate physical properties to develop. This room temperature vulcanization (RTV) silicone is supplied in tubes and combines conductivity and EMI shielding with adhesion to most substrates.

More Information 

Download the SSP-2432 data sheet to view Shore A durometer, tensile strength, specific gravity, and volume resistivity specifications for this nickel graphite-filled conductive RTV from Specialty Silicone Products (SSP). This particle-filled silicone adhesive sealant has a shelf left of six months from the date of manufacture, and is gray in color.