SSP-200-T is a 50-durometer silicone that meets the flex-fatigue requirements of A-A 59588, Class 3B, Grade 50 (DeMattia Flex Resistance Test).


50-Durometer High-Strength Silicone

SSP-200-T is a 50-durometer (Shore A) silicone elastomer with high strength and flex resistance. This heat-cured silicone compound uses a DCLBP peroxide catalyst system and meets the requirements of the A-A-59588, Class 3B, Grade 50 specification for military and aerospace silicones. 

A-A 59588, Class 3B, Grade 50 Qualified

SSP-200-T elastomers have been tested to meet the physical and mechanical properties for A-A-59588, Class 3B, Grade 50 silicones. The A-A-59588 standard supersedes the ZR-R-765 specification, and meets the SAE-AMS-3301 standard for general-purpose, 50-durometer rubber.

Demettia Flex Resistance Test

The base silicone in SSP-200-T passes the Demattia Flex Resistance Test, a dynamic test that measures the resistance of a material to cracking, which is performed by bending or flexural extension. The number of cycles is measured and the resistance to crack growth is determined.  

Peroxide Cured Silicone Elastomers

SSP-200-T silicones are peroxide-cured, a robust technique that’s also cost-effective. Because peroxide cure silicones aren’t inhibited by amines, tin compounds, latex, or urethanes, they’re a good choice for aerospace and automotive applications. To prevent bloom, SSP post-bakes all peroxide cured silicones.

Form Factors and Colors for Silicone Compounds

SSP-200-T silicones are supplied as ready-to-use uncured compounds, compression-molded sheet stock, or continuous rolls. Raw materials are available catalyzed and ready for compression molding and HAV curing.  SSP-200-T silicones elastomers are available in gray, white, and black.

More Information

Download the SSP-200-T data sheet for specifications such as tensile strength, elongation percentage, Tear-B, compression set, and specific gravity. SDS information is available upon request.