Jan, 12 2018

EMI Extrusions: Shorter Lead Times, Lower Costs, Bonded O-Rings

EMI Extrusions: Shorter Lead Times, Lower Costs, Bonded O-Rings

Specialty Silicone Products (SSP) supplies EMI conductive elastomer extrusions in the shapes, sizes, and shielding silicones that engineers, material converters, and gasket fabricators need. SSP’s major investment in a 40-ton Loomis extruder complements our in-house tooling and bonding capabilities. For shorter lead times, lower costs, and bonded gaskets, choose EMI extrusions from SSP. 

Let’s take a look at what you need to know to get started. 

Profile Shapes and Sizes 

SSP extrudes EMI elastomers in both standard and custom shapes in various sizes. Examples include: 

  • Solid round cord

  • Hollow round cord

  • Hollow D shapes

  • U-channels 

We also extrude these EMI profiles: 

  • Hollow P shapes

  • Solid rectangles

  • Hollow channels

  • Solid D shapes

  • Hollow D shapes

For profile drawings, request SSP’s Extruded EMI Elastomers white paper.

For photos of many of our EMI elastomers, visit this album in Google Photos

Material Types and Comparisons 

SSP supplies EMI extrusions that are filled with silver-aluminum, silver-copper, or nickel-graphite particles. The following chart compares these shielding silicones in terms of electrical conductivity, volume resistivity (VR), and material cost. 

Filler Type


Typical VR




Extremely Conductive




Super Conductive







SSP also provides EMI extrusions with a nickel-aluminum filler for improved corrosion resistance. Contact us for a preview of this new product, the subject of our next white paper. Extruded EMI profiles are also available with fluorosilicone as the base elastomer. With its fluorine additions, fluorosilicone combines the advantages of silicone rubber with resistance to fuels and chemicals.       

Tooling, Bonding, and Value-Added Manufacturing 

SSP’s in-house capabilities support shorter lead times for the EMI extrusions that you need. Because most of our tooling is created in-house, we don’t have to wait for dies to arrive from a third-party toolmaker. Typically, lead times range between 7 and 11 days. In December 2017, SSP received an order that required a new tool and shipped EMI extrusions in just six business days.   

SSP also provides value-added manufacturing by offering bonded o-rings that are either cold spliced or vulcanized. With cold spliced gaskets, the absence of compression molding means shorter lead times. Vulcanization requires both pressure and heat, but can reduce material costs for larger die cut gaskets made of solid, rectangular extrusions.    

Learn More About EMI Extrusions 

Are you ready to learn more about extruded EMI profiles from SSP? To request a quote or for more information, contact SSP on-line or email Dominic Testo.