Apr, 10 2019

Silicone Rubber Calendering for Military and Aerospace Grades

Silicone Rubber Calendering for Military and Aerospace Grades

Silicone rubber calendering for military and aerospace grades is used to produce composite materials that meet demanding specifications such as A-A 59588, Class 3B, Grade 50. Often, the silicone rubber is reinforced with a fabric such as DuPont Dacron®, a lightweight polyester material with excellent tear strength. Military and aerospace seals that are molded from a silicone/Dacron composite combine the wide temperature range and sealing capability of silicone with the structural integrity of Dacron fiber.      

Before military or aerospace molding can occur, however, the silicone and the fabric are laminated together in an uncured state. This allows the molder to cut shapes and sizes for specific molds. Curing the silicone/Dacron composite then produces the final seal. This process may seem straightforward, but the supply chain between silicone compounders, silicone calendering companies, and seal molders is complex – especially when links in this chain lack the right capabilities. Consider the following example. 

A silicone compounder certifies a military or aerospace elastomer to the specification on a drawing or blueprint. The compounder lacks calendering capabilities, however, so the molder must add another step to the manufacturing process. The compounder sends the silicone to the molder, who then sends the material to a calendering company where Dacon fabric is laminated to the elastomer. This adds shipping, receiving, and labor costs, introduces potential quality issues, and delays the start of molding. 

Silicone Rubber Calendering at SSP 

Specialty Silicone Products (SSP) of Ballston Spa, New York (USA) eliminates these risks for our military and aerospace customers. As a full-service materials supplier, SSP mixes silicones to strict specifications such as A-A-59588, Class 3B, Grade 50. We fully-test our silicones in-house and can provide Certificates of Analysis (COAs) or Certificates of Compliance (COCs). Importantly, SSP has a reliable source of Dacron fabric and in-house calendering capabilities that save you time and money.    

When you order calendered silicone rubber from SSP, you’ll receive a high-quality laminated product that arrives in the uncured state and ready for molding. Instead of sending the silicone you’ve been waiting for to a third-party calenderer, you’ll enjoy one-stop shopping with SSP. At a time when silicone rubber is in short supply and high demand, why wait any longer than necessary to start molding? If you let silicone rubber calendering delay project start-times, you could miss key deadlines. 

Contact SSP on-line to learn more about our in-house compounding and calendering capabilities. We’ll be happy to explain our Dacron sourcing strength and commitment to quality, too. You can also email Dominic Testo, Business Development Manager, to request a quote or learn more about SSP’s full line of military and aerospace silicones – including products that meet the flex-fatigue requirements of A-A 59588, Class 3B, Grade 50 (DeMattia Flex Resistance Test).