Apr, 24 2019

Reminder: EMI Shielding Gaskets Webinar is Available

Reminder: EMI Shielding Gaskets Webinar is Available

Specialty Silicone Products (SSP) is offering an in-depth EMI shielding webinar for on-demand viewing. EMI/RFI Gasketing: Outside the Box Solutions to Protect What’s in the Box is available on YouTube and contains valuable lessons about protecting enclosures against electromagnetic interference (EMI). SSP’s webinar dispels myths about metal-filled elastomers, examines common drawing specifications, and describes SpecShield™ silicones for reducing costs and improving performance.   

Older Metal-Filled Elastomers vs. Newer EMI Shielding Silicones 

Filling elastomers with metal particles isn’t new, but some engineers still believe that all electrically conductive silicones are too hard and too brittle. These skeptics may also claim that shielding silicones are limited by mold-size dimensions and aren’t thin enough for newer, thinner electronic designs. As SSP’s webinar explains, however, SpecShield™ materials address these concerns and offer options besides what appears on old part drawings or blueprints. 

Silver isn’t the only available fill material either. Silicones that contain silver particles provide excellent EMI shielding, but silver is subject is to volatility in the precious metals market. If the price of silver skyrockets, an EMI gasket that costs $15 today could cost several times that amount next year. In industries such as aerospace and defense, cost overruns like this are unacceptable. Delays caused by long lead times are problematic, too. Fortunately, SpecShield™ silicones also address these challenges.  

MIL-DTL-83528 Drawings and EMI Shielding Gaskets 

Engineers need cost-effective, readily-available materials, but some EMI shielding gaskets must meet MIL-DTL-83528 requirements. Older part drawing may even reference the MIL-G-25988 standard instead. SSP’s SpecShield™ solutions include materials that meet the lettered sections of the MIL-DTL-83528 specification. SSP also shares third-party shielding reports, indicates which SpecShield™ elastomers have a Qualified Product Listing (QPL), and even offers fluorosilicone compounds for chemical resistance.  

SpecShield™ silicones are available with silver or silver-coated particles, but SSP’s nickel-graphite filled materials provide silver-like shielding effectiveness at a lower price. As the EMI shielding webinar explains, SSP also supplies silicones that are filled with nickel-coated aluminum particles for corrosion resistance. SSP’s ability to produce SpecShield™ elastomers in continuous rolls (in addition to molded sheet stock and ready-to-mold compounds) also makes materials manufacturing part of the performance equation. 

Watch the EMI Shielding Webinar 

Watch SSP’s EMI/RFI Gasketing: Outside the Box Solutions to Protect What’s in the Box webinar to learn more about EMI gaskets. As you’ll discover, SpecShield™ materials support gasket molding and a variety of cutting techniques, include both die cutting and water jet cutting.  Then, when you’re ready to request a quote or receive more information, contact SSP on-line or email Dominic Testo