Jan, 12 2020

Military and Aerospace Silicones: Easy to Find and Fully Certified

Military and Aerospace Silicones: Easy to Find and Fully Certified

Specialty Silicone Products (SSP) has re-designed the Military and Aerospace Silicones section of its website to make these elastomers easier to find by specification. SSP makes silicone and fluorosilicones that meet demanding specs like AA 59588 (formerly ZZR-765), MIL-DTL-25988, and AMS. All of our products are manufactured in Ballston Spa, New York (USA) and are available with full certifications. Data sheets, safety data sheets (SDS), and independent testing reports are on-line and ready for download. 

AA 59588, MIL-DTL-25988, and AMS Silicones 

SSP’s website enhancements arrange AA 59588, MIL-DTL-25988, and AMS silicones into product tables. Because A 59588 has six alphanumeric classes, there are separate tables for Class 1A and 1B, Class 2A and 2B, and Class 3A and 3B. At a glance, website visitors can easily see all of the SSP materials that meet a particular spec and class. In addition to product numbers, there are brief descriptions and buttons to click for PDF documentation. Each SSP product also has an in-depth description with a picture of the material.

Product Table for MIL-DTL-25988 Fluorosilicones 

Full Certification to Military and Aerospace Grades 

At a time when defense spending is rising, an increasing number of die cutters, molders, and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are searching for credible silicone suppliers. Many vendors talk about quality, but SSP can provide you with Certificates of Analysis (COAs) and Certificates of Compliance (COCs). Our COAs don’t just confirm that our silicones meet military and aerospace specifications. These certs contain the results from in-house testing that we perform on individual batches of products.

Detailed Product Specifications for SSP-267 

How to Source Military and Aerospace Silicones 

Silicone prices are higher than before, but buyers need to consider the true costs of meeting military and aerospace specifications – and what can happen if you choose a cheaper compound. In “Silicone Prices and Silicone Specifications,” a free white paper from SSP, Dominic Testo examines these supply chain risks and explains how to mitigate them. SSP invites you to request this white paper and to visit our website’s easy-to-use Military and Aerospace Silicones section.