Feb, 06 2020

SSP Previews New USP Class VI Conductive Silicone at MD&M West 2020

SSP Previews New USP Class VI Conductive Silicone at MD&M West 2020

Specialty Silicone Products (SSP), a leading manufacturer of EMI and medical silicones, will preview a new USP Class VI conductive elastomer at MD&M West 2020. Qualified visitors to SSP’s booth (#1828) are eligible to receive a prototype sample of an innovative silicone material that meets the most stringent requirements for biological reactivity while combining electrical conductivity with protection against electromagnetic interference (EMI).

This special offer is limited to the first five visitors to the SSP booth who, in advance of MD&M West 2020, email Dominic Testo, Business Development Manager, for additional product information. The prototype samples are for demonstration purposes only and are not intended for end-use applications. SSP’s new USP Class VI conductive silicone is not yet available for sale but represents a cutting-edge innovation in silicone manufacturing. Medical device designers and manufacturers  are encouraged to learn more.  

SSP’s newest innovation complements its line of EMI elastomers and SSP-2390 family of medical silicones. SSP-2390 silicones are ultra-clean, platinum-catalyzed, heat-cured, and translucent. They meet U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements for rubber articles and are compliant with USP Class VI, one of six designations for plastics from United States Pharmacopeia (USP). USP Class VI materials must pass a systemic toxicity test, an intracutaneous test, and an implantation test.

In 2018, SSP submitted a 50-durometer sample of SSP-2390 to NAMSA, a contract research organization for medical devices and an ISO 17025 accredited test laboratory. NAMSA performed USP Biological Reactivity Tests in vivo with this test article and reported that it met all USP Class VI requirements. Today, SSP provides complete certifications to demonstrate the continued quality of its SSP-2390 silicones, which are supplied as sheets and ready-to-mold compounds in a range of durometers.   

SSP’s conductive silicone compounds are also meeting the needs of medical device designers and manufacturers. These particle-filled silicones provide high levels of EMI shielding, thermal stability over a wide temperature range, and resistance to water, ozone, and ultraviolet light. Available in a choice of fill materials, SSP’s shielding silicones form tight environmental seals and retain their elastic properties even after long periods of compressive stress.

To learn more, visit SSP in Booth #1828 at MD&M West from February 11 to 13 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California. For a prototype sample of SSP’s new USP Class VI conductive silicone, email Dominic Testo today and be one of the first five visitors to the SSP booth at the world’s largest medical device design and manufacturing event.