Apr, 02 2020

SSP Joins the Fight Against COVID-19

SSP Joins the Fight Against COVID-19

Specialty Silicone Products (SSP) is doing its part in the fight against COVID-19. Earlier this week, we received an order for EMI/RFI Shielding elastomers that will be used to produce a large volume of EMI gaskets for ventilators. We wish that emergency scale-ups like this weren’t necessary and would gladly trade this sale for a COVID-19 cure. That’s not possible so SSP will continue to supply EMI/RFI and medical silicones to companies that are making life-saving products.  

SSP is an Essential NYS Business

Please know that although many New York State companies are closed, our Ballston Spa facility is open for business. There’s a reason SSP was deemed an “essential” business – and we’re doing everything we can in the fight against COVID-19. Although New York State hasn’t required us to do so, we’ve spread-out and split shifts to protect the health of our employees. Employees who can work from home are doing so, and everyone is doing their part to promote safety and ensure productivity.

Sealing Mats for COVID-19 Testing and Skin-Safe PPE

The recent order that SSP received for EMI gasket materials was a large one, but it’s not the only way that we’re supporting the medical supply chain. For example, SSP is now supplying high volumes of sealing mats for COVID-19 testing to large diagnostic companies. SSP-2390-20, a 20-durometer silicone that meets FDA and USP Class VI requirements, is being manufactured and shipped as cured rolls for a personal protective equipment (PPE) application where’s there’s skin contact.

Molded USP Class VI Silicone Seals for Ventilators

SSP-2390-40, a 40-durometer FDA and USP Class VI silicone, is being made and shipped as quickly as possible to a U.S.-based molder in the Midwest. The application is for molded seals in ventilators that will be made by a large automotive OEM. If this was a standard seal, the molder might have chosen a non-USP Class VI silicone. However, because the ventilator is designed for hospital use, it’s safer to choose a tested and proven medical-grade silicone.

Uncured Silicone Materials With Custom Pre-Form

SSP is also making and shipping a large volume of silicone raw materials that will be used by another automotive OEM. In this case, the molder needed a specific “pre-formed” thickness in uncured form. This makes it easy for the molder to lay the uncured silicone into its mold. Because this is another ventilator application, SSP is mixing and pre-preforming the material in just three days. We’re proud to do our part in the fight against COVID-19 and also rushing to make higher than normal volumes.

Last but not least, SSP has secured and donated hundreds of N95 masks to local hospitals and 200 hundred Tyvek hooded suits for the Office of Emergency Management of NYC as they fight this horrific virus.

USP Class VI Silicones and EMI Gasket Materials

Are you a gasket fabricator, molder, medical device manufacture, or non-medical OEM that’s part of the fight against COVID-19? Please contact us on-line or email Dominic Testo to let us know what you need.