Jul, 22 2020

New Shielding Report and TDS for SSP Offsets to GORE® EMI Gasket Materials

New Shielding Report and TDS for SSP Offsets to GORE® EMI Gasket Materials

Specialty Silicone Products (SSP) has published a new shielding effectiveness report and technical data sheets (TDS) for offsets to discontinued GORE® EMI gasket materials. Last year, W.L. Gore provided an end-of-life notification about two flame-resistant EMI shielding materials: GORE® GS2100 and GS5200. SSP is filling this gap in the marketplace by supplying quality alternatives backed by technical data, including UL V0 test summaries and the results of ASTM E595 outgas testing.

SSP’s new shielding effectiveness report covers test samples of two SSP products: SSP-502-40-V0 and SSP-502-60-V0. D.L.S. Electronic Systems, Inc., a third-party accredited facility and approved laboratory in Wheeling, Illinois, tested these samples according to MIL-DTL-83528H, a U.S. military specification for electrically-conductive elastomeric shielding gaskets. The tests were performed on July 9-10, 2020 and utilized a MIL-DTL-83528H test fixture.

The first material that was tested, SSP-502-40-V0, is a 40-durometer silicone that is filled with nickel-coated graphite particles. It combines very good electrical conductivity with reliable shielding against electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI), growing challenges for electronic designs. As documented in SSP’s shielding effectiveness report, samples of SSP-502-40-V0 had a minimum attenuation level of 115 dB at 20 MHz and a best-case attenuation level of 144 dB at 200 MHz.

The second material that was tested, SSP-502-60-V0, is a 60-durometer silicone that is also filled with nickel-coated graphite particles. As documented in the shielding report, this EMI/RFI silicone has a minimum attenuation level of 117 dB at 20 MHz and a best-case attenuation level of 200 MHz. For both SSP-502-40-V0 and SSP-502-60-V0, visitors to SSP’s website can download the complete shielding report from the EMI RFI Shielding page. Look for the Nickel Graphite Filled Flame Retardant Silicones section.

SSP-502-40-V0 and SSP-502-60-V0 also have new technical data sheets (TDS) that report tensile strength, elongation percentage, specific gravity, volume resistivity, thermal resistivity, and other key specifications. Both of these nickel-graphite filled, flame retardant EMI/RFI silicones are available in sheet stock and continuous rolls with or without conductive pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs). Thickness options from .010 to .250 are available depending on sheet or roll requirements. To request a quote or for additional information, contact SSP or email Dominic Testo.