Apr, 06 2021

EMI O-Rings: Applications and SSP’s Advantages

EMI O-Rings: Applications and SSP’s Advantages

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) occurs when external electromagnetic energy mixes with another electronic system and then disturbs the system's original flow. EMI is one of the identified causes of the decrease in performance or, in some cases, the failure of electronic devices. To put it in perspective, an example includes external signals that may interfere with the sensitive equipment in an airplane. Other EMI sources may be coming from older consumer electronics without EMI shielding, the sun, basic communication devices, and many more.

Specialty Silicone Products Inc. (SSP Inc.) offers a comprehensive line of silicone products used for types of EMI RFI shielding. We provide custom products falling under EMI RFI silicone elastomers, PTFE/ silicone septa liners and caps, sealing mats, military and aerospace silicones (including MIL-DTL-25988 fluorosilicones), and other custom silicone compounds. We are your strategic partner that assures you that we deliver high-quality silicones that work, and one of these is our bonded EMI O-rings.

OEMs incorporate EMI shielding to various electronic products to protect them from distortion of signals, power fluctuations, sudden power outage, electronic damage, electric shock, and a potential source of ignition. The creation of EMI shielding involves the creation of enclosures to alter the path of the unnecessary electromagnetic waves from going into the system in a piece of equipment. This path is altered in many ways: either absorbing or reflecting waves through conductive or ferromagnetic materials. 

EMI shields come in many forms, and these include solid enclosures, wire mesh and screens, cable shields, coatings, and gaskets and O-rings. To narrow this down, we will be focusing the discussion on the EMI O-rings, which is one of the many specialties of SSPI.

EMI O-Ring Applications

EMI O-rings and gaskets are a reliable way of providing highly effective protection from harsh environments. These are made with conductive, particle-filled silicone used in a wide variety of electronic applications. Below are some of the specific applications of EMI O-rings:

1. Solve the continuity issues in removable parts in an enclosure 

Generally, electronic enclosures must be continuous to prevent electromagnetic penetrations into a system that might eventually defeat the purpose of EMI shielding. The problem, however, is that most enclosures must have access to the components inside, thus a continuity problem. EMI O-rings are incorporated to provide a solution to this continuity problem found within the removable parts of equipment. Using EMI O-rings is cheaper than using a metallic coating to achieve the continuity needed for full EMI shielding.

2. Sealing of Gaps

Aside from the protection from signal interference, O-rings and gaskets are a dependable component that fills the space between two surfaces, allowing for sealing and shielding the components from any leakages and interferences.

3. Improve Enclosure Reliability

EMI O-rings improve enclosure reliability by providing a conductive pathway that will electrically bond components to a common ground, serving as low impedance conductors.

Advantages of EMI O-Rings from SSP

1. Same quality with less price volatility

EMI o-rings uses nickel-aluminum integration rather than silver, making it cheaper while still having the same level of reliability. Our O-rings have a proven performance without the silver's price volatility.

2. Lower tooling costs

Because of our in-house capability, our toolings are much faster and less expensive to produce. Our manufacturing facility makes our tooling costs lower and the lead times much faster than with molded O-rings.

3. More reliable bonding technique

The bonding technique we use for these rubbers is more reliable than techniques used by other manufacturers because it enables us to control better the quality of the products we create for our customers.

4. Better temperature resistance

Our EMI O-rings offer better temperature resistance and more reliable performance than other O-rings in the market under extremes because these are made with silicone instead of acrylic.

5. Custom shapes and sizes

We can cater to your custom needs because of our equipment availability and because we have our toolroom. This assures you of our commitment to providing flexible solutions with the consistent quality of the finished products.