Jun, 08 2021

Bonded EMI O-Rings for Reduced Costs and Improved Performance

Bonded EMI O-Rings for Reduced Costs and Improved Performance

Specialty Silicone Products (SSP) makes bonded EMI O-rings that provide shielding against electromagnetic interference (EMI), electrical conductivity, and environmental sealing. At our manufacturing facility in Ballston Spa, New York (USA), we extrude cords of shielding silicones, cut them to size, and then bond O-rings using a proven process with multiple quality control checkpoints. These products provide a cost-effective alternative to molded EMI O-rings and a better-performing choice than bonded EMI O-rings that use an acrylic glue.

Adhesive Temperature Range

Some manufacturers bond EMI O-rings with acrylic adhesives that cannot match the temperature range of the EMI cord itself. Consequently, the bond may break if the O-ring is subjected to very high or low temperatures, as is often the case in military, aerospace, or satellite applications. By contrast, SSP uses a silicone adhesive with the same temperature range as the EMI cord itself. This conductive silicone adhesive also dries to the same durometer as the EMI O-ring so that there isn’t a “hard spot” in the gasket.  

Bond Strength Testing

When an installer smashes an EMI O-ring into a groove, the part needs to fit and the joint needs to hold. To ensure product quality, SSP tests the bond strength of its EMI O-rings. At our in-house laboratory, we have an Instron tensile tester that positions specimens vertically. As documented in our white paper, SSP produced vulcanized samples, performed benchmark and scale-up trials, and compared bond strength measurements to published standards.

Tooling Costs and Sample Speed

Bonded EMI O-rings from SSP use tooling that’s less expensive to produce. Because we have our own machining capabilities, SSP builds tools in-house and can readily customize shapes or cross-sections. With our CNC equipment, we can supply you with more samples of bonded EMI O-rings than you’d get if you waited for a single molded one. Whether it’s for prototyping or production, our tooling costs are lower and the lead times are faster than with molded parts.

Bonded EMI O-Rings White Paper and Sample Kit

Specialty Silicone Products (SSP) has published a white paper about bonded EMI O-rings and is offering a free sample kit so that you can receive samples of these products. Click here to download the white paper and, optionally, to request a sample kit. For more information or to request a quote, contact SSP on-line or email Dominic Testo, SSP’s Business Development Manager.