Aug, 19 2016

Low-Durometer Silicones for Sealing and Insulation

Low-Durometer Silicones for Sealing and Insulation

Specialty Silicone Products (SSP) supplies low-durometer silicones for medical, military, aerospace, and other demanding applications. These softer elastomers are available in durometers ranging from 10 to 30 (Shore A). Products include platinum-cured, medical-grade silicones; various military and aerospace silicones; and a 30-duromter EMI shielding silicone that’s filled with silver-aluminum particles. 

SSP supplies these and other silicone elastomers as continuous rolls, molded sheets, and ready-to-mold compounds. Depending on your application requirements, rolls and sheets with custom thicknesses and widths are available. SSP’s low-durometer silicones can be reinforced for additional strength, and are available in a variety of colors to support your product designs.    

Low-Durometer Medical Silicones 

The SSP-2390 family of products includes platinum-cured silicones in 10, 20, and 30 durometer (Shore A). These translucent, heat-cured elastomers are FDA CFR 177.2600, USP Class VI, and RoHS compliant. Tensile strength, elongation, Tear B, and specific gravity vary with durometer. For complete product specifications, visit this page and then choose the Data Sheet button.

Because SSP-2390 silicones are platinum-cured, these specialty elastomers have lower levels of extractables – chemical compounds that migrate under conditions such as elevated temperature or surface exposure. Compared to peroxide-cured elastomers, platinum-cured silicones also offer greater control over cure rates and crosslinking. They’re more consistent in terms of physical appearance, too. 

Low-Durometer Military and Aerospace Silicones 

In addition to medical devices and equipment, SSP-2390 low-durometer silicones can be used in military or aerospace applications that require high-purity compounds. Two additional low-durometer silicones for military and aerospace applications are also available. 

  • SSP-390 is a 25-durometer, peroxide-catalyzed, heat-cured silicone that meets the requirements of A-A-59588, Class 2A and 2B, Grade 25 

  • SSP-1850-C-30 is a 30-durometer, thermally-conductive silicone elastomer for heat transfer applications. 

For more information about these low-durometer silicones, download the SSP-390 data sheet and download the SSP-1850-C data sheet

Low-Durometer EMI Shielding 

SSP also supplies a low-durometer, particle-filled silicone for EMI shielding. SSP-2426-30 is a 30-durometer, electrically-conductive elastomer that’s softer than many other EMI materials. Filled with silver-aluminum particles, this shielding silicone proves that metal-filled conductive silicones don’t have to be “too hard”. Plus, this ultra-soft silicone is a true 30-durometer (Shore A) product.  

Find the Low-Durometer Silicones You Need

To place an order for low-durometer silicones or to learn more about these softer elastomers, please contact SSP on-line or email Dominic Testo of Specialty Silicone Products.