Sep, 19 2016

Flame Retardant Shielding Silicones for EMI Gaskets

Flame Retardant Shielding Silicones for EMI Gaskets

Specialty Silicone Products (SSP) supplies flame-retardant shielding silicones that meet the requirements of the UL-94 V1 flammability standard. SSP’s electrically-conductive elastomers are filled with nickel-graphite particles for resistance to electromagnetic interference (EMI) and provide reliable, cost-effective EMI shielding and environmental sealing. These flame retardant silicones are supplied as ready-to-mold compounds, fully-cured sheets, and continuous rolls for EMI gasket fabrication.

SSP’s nickel-graphite filled flame-retardant silicones are part of its SpecShield™ family of products, a line of silicone shielding elastomers that strike the right balance between electrical conductivity, EMI shielding, and material cost. Two SpecShield™ silicones, SSP-502-40-V1 and SSP-502-60-V1, have been tested and conform to the requirements of UL-94 V1, a burn testing standard for materials used commonly in the enclosures, structural parts, and insulators found in consumer electronics.

SSP-502-40-V1 and SSP-502-60-V1

SSP-502-40-V1 is a 40-durometer (Shore A), flame-retardant shielding silicone that’s softer than many other particle-filled elastomers. Importantly, this compound’s nickel-graphite fill provides EMI shielding levels that are comparable to shielding elastomers filled with more expensive silver-coated particles. As the data sheet for SSP-502-40-V1 explains, this very conductive and flame retardant silicone has a typical shielding effectiveness of > 113 dB for the 20 MHz to 10 GHz band (E-field).

SSP-502-40-V1 shielding silicones are comparable to Parker Chomerics 6372 EMI material for conductive elastomer gaskets. SSP’s 40-durometer product also supports thinner, smaller, lightweight designs for today’s electronics applications. SSP-502-40-V1 is Made in the USA in Ballston Spa, New York and meets rigorous internal quality assurance standards. Test data for tensile strength, elongation percentage, specific gravity, and other product specifications are generated using ASTM methods and standards.

SSP-502-60-V1 is a 60-durometer (Shore A), flame-retardant shielding silicone that also meets the flammability requirements of UL-94 V1. Like SSP’s 40-durometer product, SSP-502-60-V1 is ideal for applications that require reliable EMI shielding, electrical conductivity, and flame resistance. SSP’s 60-durometer product is Made in the USA, comparable to Parker Chomerics 6372, and supplied in a variety of form factors. The data sheet for SSP-502-60-V1 provides complete product specifications.

Find the Flame-Retardant Shielding Silicones You Need 

Both of SSP’s flame-retardant shielding silicones provide EMI gasket designers with important options for part drawings. Gasket fabricators also like that SSP can supply EMI materials to meet project timetables. To place an order or to learn more about these UL-94 V1 shielding silicones, please contact SSP on-line or email Dominic Testo of Specialty Silicone Products.