Nov, 15 2016

EMI Elastomers: Three Takeaways from Electronica Germany

EMI Elastomers: Three Takeaways from Electronica Germany

Munich is more than just the home of Oktoberfest. Germany’s third-largest city is where you’ll find the headquarters of major corporations like BMW and Siemens, as well as many small-to-medium companies. Recently, Munich hosted Electronica, the world’s largest tradeshow for the electronics industry. Specialty Silicone Products (SSP) was there, and we gained some important takeaways that we’d like to share with you. 

From November 8 to 11, 2016, SSP showcased its SpecShield™ family of shielding silicones at Electronica Germany. These particle-filled silicones combine strong but cost-effective EMI shielding with superior environmental sealing and ease-of-fabrication. Visitors to the SSP booth at the Munich Trade Fair Centre came from many different industries, including automotive, aerospace, medical, military, and consumer electronics. Through numerous discussions, SSP learned three especially important lessons. 

Demand for EMI Shielding Is Large, Growing, and Challenging 

Historically, the greatest demand for EMI shielding came from the defense supply chain. Military demand is still strong and growing, but there are many new markets for shielding silicones. At Electronica Germany, SSP met with engineers and product developers who need to shield satellites, junction boxes, gaming machines, military air-conditioning units, and non-military UAVs. Electric vehicles are a huge market for EMI silicones, too. For each of these applications, SSP has the EMI elastomers that you need. 

Triple Troubles: Long Lead Times, Taxes, and Shipping Costs 

Visitors to the SSP booth also told us that lead times on American-made shielding elastomers are too long. They said that taxes and shipping costs are burdensome, too. As we explained, however, SSP offers 7 to 11 day lead times on our commercial, nickel-graphite rolls. With our competitive roll stock pricing, SSP can offset high tariffs and long-distance shipping costs. Plus, SSP can send samples quickly (and at no cost to you) so that you can win and retain business. 

ArmourRFI™: Market Differentiation, Wearable Electronics, and Stronger Small Parts 

With their conductive fabric reinforcements, SSP’s ArmourRFI™ EMI silicones provide a competitive edge. At Electronica Germany, SSP heard how much visitors to our booth liked this fabric-reinforced material. Smaller companies see ArmourRFI™ as a way to differentiate themselves from larger and more well-known competitors. Companies with sewing capabilities like how ArmourRFI™ supports wearable tech such as fitness-tracking bands. For small custom parts, the appeal of ArmouRFI™ is its superior strength. 

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