Feb, 14 2017

What SSP Learned at MD&M West

What SSP Learned at MD&M West

MD&M West is the world’s largest annual medtech event. Earlier this month, over 20,000 engineers and executives assembled at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California for MD&M West 2017. From February 7 to 9, the West Coast’s Medical Design and Manufacturing (MD&M) tradeshow was where makers of medical devices and equipment found the business and technical solutions that they need.

Specialty Silicone Products (SSP), a Ballston Spa, New York (USA) manufacturer of medical silicones and EMI shielding, made the most of MD&M West by showcasing its innovative elastomers and meeting with product designers, engineers, and sourcing managers. By listening to leading members of the medical device and equipment industry, we learned lessons in four areas that we’d like to share with you here.    

Market Performance and Predictions

Many medical companies reported slowdowns last October and November, but the December 2016 – February 2017 period was marked by growth and opportunity. In fact, many of the medical device and   equipment companies that SSP spoke with reported record sales for the month of January. In this dynamic environment, building a strong supply chain for medical materials is critical.

EMI Elastomers

Sourcing the right EMI elastomers for medical electronics can be challenging. In addition to long lead teams, high prices and forced distribution channels are problematic. That’s why in addition to molded sheets, SSP supplies continuous rolls. SSP can manufacture 1000 ft. per day – the equivalent of 600 standard 15” x 20” sheets – and offers non-military grade silver-filled materials and other low-cost, high-shielding options.

Medical Silicones

At MD&M West 2017, SSP met with medical designers and manufacturers who emphasized the importance of meeting USP and FDA requirements. Biocompatibility and compliance with European Union standards are important, too. That’s why SSP supplies a series of high-purity, platinum-catalyzed, medical-grade silicone elastomers that are FDA CFR 177.2600, USP Class VI, and RoHS compliant.

Traceability and Country of Origin

Traceability is an important part of medical device and equipment manufacturing. Quality control is essential, but manufacturers also want to work with suppliers who communicate clearly about where materials are made. The ability to designate a product as Made in the USA is a selling point, too. That’s why SSP’s EMI elastomers and medical silicones are both traceable and American-made.

Learn More Now

Do you have questions about SSP, MD&M West, or what leading medical device and equipment manufacturers are saying about EMI elastomers and medical silicones? Don’t settle for long lead times, higher prices, forced distribution channels, or poor traceability when you have a choice in suppliers. Strengthen your supply chain with SSP. To learn how, email Dominic Testo or contact SSP on-line.