SSP Fluorosilicones: Advantages, Applications, Types, and Specs

Fluorosilicones are silicone-based elastomers that contain fluorine additions for improved oil and fuel resistance. Like other silicone compounds, they exhibit excellent stability over a wide range of temperatures, typically from -60° C to +200° C. Fluorosilicones also provide good compression set and resilience, and can withstand ultraviolet (UV) light, ozone, and chlorinated and aromatic hydrocarbons. Specialty Silicone Products (SSP) supplies a complete line of fluorosilicones in a [...]

Meet SSP’s Packaging Team

Specialty Silicone Products (SSP) manufactures septa, caps, and other laboratory products that require clean silicones. SSP’s Packaging Team prepares shipments of these products and combines a strong work ethic with close attention to detail. As Kevin Meadows, SSP’s Lab Products Production Manager explains, “there are a lot of things to like about working at SSP”. The Packaging Team is responsible for accurate counts, he says, but “you’re not just a number [...]