EMI O-Rings: Applications and SSP’s Advantages

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) occurs when external electromagnetic energy mixes with another electronic system and then disturbs the system's original flow. EMI is one of the identified causes of the decrease in performance or, in some cases, the failure of electronic devices. To put it in perspective, an example includes external signals that may interfere with the sensitive equipment in an airplane. Other EMI sources may be coming from older consumer electronics without EMI shielding, [...]

Low Outgassing Silicones with ASTM E595 Test Data

Specialty Silicone Products (SSP) makes low outgassing silicones and publishes the ASTM E595 test data that we receive from independent laboratories. All third-party test reports are available on SSP’s website so that you can view and download the results. Pacific Testing Laboratories of Valencia, California has tested numerous EMI/RFI silicones and Exova OCM has tested a 60-durometer sample of a USP Class VI silicone. Currently, several grades of SSP’s aerospace elastomers are being [...]

EMI Shielding for 5G Telecommunications Gaskets

5G telecommunications gaskets need reliable EMI shielding for electronic enclosure seams, power and signal panels, and connector backshells. As 5G networks proliferate, the isolation of sensitive circuits and electronic systems is becoming increasingly important, especially in urban environments. Noise from power supplies, propagation from repeater station antennas, and other forms of electromagnetic interference (EMI) can degrade electronic system isolation and increase crosstalk between [...]

Nickel-Aluminum Fluorosilicone Tested to 40 GHz, Meets MIL-DTL-461F 5.18 RE103

Specialty Silicone Products (SSP) is announcing that SSP-2551, a nickel-aluminum fluorosilicone that combines EMI shielding with fuel, solvent, and galvanic corrosion resistance, has been independently tested to 40 GHz and can be used with military electronic products that need to meet MIL-DTL-461 5.18 RE103 requirements for controlling electromagnetic interference (EMI). SSP’s EMI fluorosilicone has also been independently tested to MIL-DTL-83528 for elastomeric shielding gaskets and to [...]

Nickel-Aluminum vs. Silver-Aluminum for EMI Gaskets

Nickel-aluminum shielding silicones offer greater price stability than silver-filled materials for EMI gaskets. Silver prices increased 45.4% last year and silver investments during the first week of 2021 rose 90% compared to the first seven days of 2020. That’s bad news for industrial buyers, many of whom are now looking for alternative materials. Nickel-aluminum silicones can combine EMI shielding with other performance properties, but engineers need to see the test data before switching [...]